• The selection of the images will be done by the photographer.
• Disagreement with the selected images gives no right to another image.
• Editing time of the selected images is 4 weeks.
• Images will be sent with a download link via Wetransfer. 

• The model, the make-up artist and the photographer are allowed to publish all supplied images on social media websites.
• An image that has been published in the past which is no longer representative, will give the model no right for a request to remove the image from the internet by people who participated in the project.
• It is mandatory to use the images with the copyright data on all social media websites.
• All supplied images with copyright are intended for portfolio purposes with your personal domain and for model agencies.
• All supplied images without copyright are intended for portfolio purposes on print.
• It is not allowed to provide selected images to third parties, like online magazines, workshops, etc. without permission by the author.
• Commercial use of the images is not allowed.
• It is not allowed to edit the supplied images, like enlarging, reducing, cropping, using colorfilters, cutting, merging, retouch or removing the copyright data, etc.
• It is mandatory to add the credits of the team with a tag if you are using the images on social media websites.

Final images
• Landscape format (3:2) 67.3 x 44.9 cm / 300 DPI.
• Portrait format (2:3) 44.9 x 67.3 cm / 300 DPI.
• Landscape format (10:16) 44.9 x 71,9 cm / 300 DPI.
• Color profile sRGB.
• Minimum of 3 edited images in JPG format.
• Maximum of 5 edited images in JPG format
• With copyright for internet, no copyright for print.

• Expenses and travel expenses will not be payed.

Make-up and hair
• The model takes care of a make-up (hair) artist.
• The model can do her own make-up and hair if there is no make-up artist available or needed.